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Get the latest new and cool merchandise from the Eurovision Fan House!
Get the latest new and cool merchandise from the Eurovision Fan House!
Photo: Eurovision Fan House

Eurovision Fan House LIVE!

Just before we kick off coverage of the third day of rehearsals here in Kyiv, we celebrate another highlight as the newest branch of the Eurovision Song Contest's growing online bubble was just launched: The Eurovision Fan House — the new official online home for true Eurovision fans.

You can find the Eurovision Fan House at

The Eurovision Fan House is an initiative of The Native Media Inc., which has entered into a ten-year partnership with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to exclusively manage the Eurovision Song Contest's official online fan house.

"Just the beginning" spoke exclusively with Izabela Depczyk, CEO of The Native. "Today's launch is just the beginning. We envision the Eurovision Fan House as an ever-expanding collection of digital activities. We are kicking off with a brand new range of fan merchandise, and will gradually expand with content, games, sweepstakes and much more," Izabela explained.

For the proud fans: Let's connect!
For the proud fans: Let's connect! © Eurovision Fan House

"We want to become a showcase"

Ever since internet access became mainstream in the early 2000s, the fan community has manifested itself online through fan sites, forums and on social media, complementing the activities of the contest's oldest fan club that still exists to date; the OGAE.

"There is a lot of online activity within the fan community. We want to work with them to become a showcase of the best they have to offer, while at the same time give back by offering something new," Izabela said. "Being the official Eurovision Fan House, we want existing ánd new fans to truly feel home with us," she concluded.

To higher levels

The Eurovision Fan House launches just weeks after the completely revamped, which will remain the Eurovision Song Contest's official website. 

The Eurovision Fan House, operated by The Native Media,, operated by the contest's digital agency Scrn, and Premier, the contest's PR and social media agency, will work intensively together to take the Eurovision Song Contest's online presence to higher levels.

Check out right away!