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Join us in celebrating #100DaysToEurovision

08 February 2021 at 17:00 CET
Fans having a great time as the Grand Final is nearing its end. Andres Putting
It’s a big week for Eurovision fans everywhere as we approach #100DaysToEurovision.

The month of May is just around the corner and though at times the next Contest has felt lightyears away, as of Thursday 11 February there are only 100 days to the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final.

We know you’ll feel like celebrating this with us, so here’s what you can expect this Thursday:

Launch of the official Eurovision TikTok channel

Last year TikTokkers danced themselves dizzy to the hits of Little Big, Daði Freyr and The Roop, and there’s no doubt the 2021 Contest will generate its own viral sensations.

Be sure to download the TikTok app and follow @Eurovision for exclusive content from our current competitors and the Eurovision archives when our channel launches this week. You won’t want to miss out on any of the fun as we make our way to Rotterdam.


Over on Twitter we’ll be marking the countdown to the Contest with a special hashflag that appears each time you use the hashtag: #100DaysToEurovision.

On Thursday we’ll be asking artists the question ‘what does Eurovision mean to you?’ and sharing their answers on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

We want to hear from you too!

Share those special memories, whether it’s a shaky video of you living your best life to Spirit In The Sky at a karaoke bar, or a wholesome photo of you and your family preparing a smörgåsbord for the 2016 Grand Final. Perhaps you can sum up the meaning of the Eurovision Song Contest in a single emoji? Good luck with that.

Let us know what Eurovision means to you and don’t forget to use #100DaysToEurovision as we’ll be showcasing reflections from the fandom too.

The Twitter hashflag for #100DaysToEurovision EBU

A surprise from the Netherlands

As if all that wasn’t enough, we have an extra special treat coming live from Rotterdam on Thursday at 19:00 CET on the official YouTube Channel of the Contest. Details revealed shortly.

So clear space in your diaries and follow us on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and, of course, Facebook (uh, oh, oh).