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Eurovision brought 1,1 billion ad value to Malmö

05 July 2013 at 16:26 CEST

Hosting the Eurovision Song Contest brought 1,1 billion Swedish Kronor (132 million Euros) in advertising value to the city of Malmö, Swedish tourism organisation concluded.

The organisation estimates that the direct income from hosting Europe's favourite TV show resulted in 185 million Swedish Kronor (22 million Euros) of extra income.

Malmö was visited by 48,100 tourists as well as 1700 journalists attending the event. A wave of additional tourists are hoped to visit the city in the upcoming months and years, the tourism organisation states.

While this already is impressive, the advertising value of all the attention the city got through hosting the event in May is estimated at a staggering 1,1 billion Swedish Kronor (132 million Euros).

This is at a similar level than the city of Oslo estimated back in 2010 when they were the home for the event.