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#EurovisionAgain revisits Rotterdam for an interactive experience

06 May 2022 at 10:00 CEST
Måneskin - Italy - Grand Final - Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Rotterdam Ahoy EBU / Thomas Hanses
Out of the ‘Embers’ of May 2021, the Grand Final of last year’s Eurovision Song Contest is about to have one ‘Last Dance’. #EurovisionAgain is back this weekend to turn your Saturday night into the best kind of ‘Discoteque’.
Go_A – Ukraine – Grand Final – Eurovision Song Contest 2021 – Rotterdam Ahoy EBU / Andres Putting

We have three shows to look forward to across 10, 12 and 14 May as we anticipate the performances and results of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Before that, however, fans of the Contest can get their appetites suitably whetted by giving the 2021 Contest an interactive rewatch with friends and followers.

On the evening of Saturday 7 May, #EurovisionAgain returns to its home on Twitter, in a fresh new format through which to enjoy the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, which came to us from the Rotterdam Ahoy Arena just under a year ago.

Destiny – Malta – Grand Final – Eurovision Song Contest 2021 – Rotterdam Ahoy EBU / Thomas Hanses

This time around, the viewing will be done exclusively on Twitter, with a stream set up especially for the occasion on the social media platform. Viewers will be joined by a couple of special guests that #EurovisionAgain has lined up to take us through the Contest. Lithuania’s The Roop and the host of the Official Eurovision Song Contest podcast, Steve Holden, will be speaking about their experiences at the 2021 Contest.

It will be an even more interactive experience than usual, too, with the fans’ all-important Twitter takes and musings forming a big part of the re-run of last year’s event from Rotterdam.

Keep an eye on the official Eurovision Twitter, as well as the #EurovisionAgain Twitter, and join us at 21:00 CEST as we Open Up one more time to the spectacular Grand Final of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, with everyone invited to take part.

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