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Eurovision 2024 winner's press conference with Nemo

12 May 2024 at 02:21 CEST
Nemo performing The Code for Switzerland at the Grand Final at Malmö Arena Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU
After winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland with 'The Code,' Nemo headed into the press conference to talk about their win.
The artists of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in the Green Room at the Gand Finall at Malmö Arena Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

If there's a code for winning the Eurovision Song Contest, Nemo has broken it. They took Switzerland's third Eurovision victory with their song The Code after receiving a total of 591 points.

Nemo is the first nonbinary artist to win Eurovision, and said that they feel proud not only for themselves, but the community of people who are nonbinary or gender fluid. They hope there will be more empathy and understanding of each other. They said:

“We need to talk with each other and I hope tonight can be a way of remembering that.”

Nemo attends the press conference after Switzerland wins the 68th Eurovision Song Contest with The Code. Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

After coming off the stage, Nemo said they felt sheer overwhelm. They said:

"I'm mostly just really grateful for this experience and all the friends I've made along the way. This was one of the most queer representations we've seen at Eurovision which was amazing, I want to shout out all the other queer artists this year."

They added that it's hard to find spaces to be themselves. Their advice to other artists is to just share something they really care about, and create something with meaning.

Switzerland wins the 68th Eurovision Song Contest with the song The Code by Nemo Corinne Cumming / EBU

Nemo describedThe Code as a unique and special song that has been elevated through the staging, and they thanked their team. The song came about when Nemo went to songwriting camp. They said that they went expecting to write songs for other people, but were asked, "Would you consider going to Eurovision yourself?" Nemo added:

"[Performing] a song where I speak about my story, having touched so many people and maybe inspired people to stay true to themselves, is the most insane thing that has ever happened to me."

Switzerland wins the 68th Eurovision Song Contest with the song The Code by Nemo Alma Bengtsson / EBU

As Nemo was given the Eurovision 2024 trophy, the handover didn't quite go to plan. Before long, the trophy was in two halves. They said:

“I didn’t just break the code. I also broke the trophy. But I got a new one!”

You can find out more about Nemo here and watch their performance below.

The Eurovision Song Contest will now be returning to Switzerland in 2025, for the third time. The last time Switzerland won was in 1988 when Céline Dion won with Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi - Nemo is proud to have their name alongside Céline's. Switzerland was not only the first country to ever host Eurovision, but they also took the first win.

Nemo is incredibly proud of their hometown Biel, and would love the Contest to be held there - despite it perhaps being a little small. They described Biel as being full of creativity, and that people who are different are seen as something special and positive. They said:

"I'm sending so much love to everyone tonight and I'll be back soon."

If you missed the Grand Final or want to rewatch it, you can catch it on YouTube.


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