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Eurovision 2024 theme art revealed!

14 December 2023 at 15:00 CET
Swedish broadcaster SVT and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) are proud to reveal the theme art for 68th Eurovision Song Contest: ‘The Eurovision Lights.’

By combining the northern lights and the harmonic rhythm of sound equalizers, this visual identity for Eurovision 2024 was created. ‘The Eurovision Lights’ is a concept is based on simple linear gradients, inspired by the vertical lines that permeate both the northern lights and sound equalizers, and has been created to be a versatile identity that can be adapted according to need and devices.  

This scalability is central to ensuring a consistent experience regardless of platform or screen size. 

SVT’s Christel Tholse Willers, Deputy Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, remarked:

‘We are so proud to present an identity that is designed to be flexible and useful both on and off screen. It is inspired by the magnificent ‘northern lights’, the beauty and mystery of which has been transformed into ‘The Eurovision Lights’. It is a captivating and beautiful mix of the Eurovision Song Contest’s sparkling brand colours that will not only be seen across the three live shows but also in exciting variations in different contexts across the event’s digital platforms and gives a Eurovision feel in Malmö's urban spaces.’

Johan Bello, from the production company Uncut, led the process:

‘The identity is not just a logo but a story in itself, with the northern lights as the basis and the Eurovision Song Contest's [brand] colour palette as the driving force. This union of elements creates a dynamic and versatile palette that will open up for creative use in different ways.’

Sidney Lim, who was also involvd in the design, added:

'Our goal is to use clean, simple gradients as basic building blocks to create a Eurovision identity that is bright, modern and forward-looking.’

We cannot wait to see this branding rolled out in 2024 for our time in Malmö, Sweden!