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From Liverpool to your city: Eurovision 2023 artists go on tour

26 May 2023 at 16:19 CEST
Marco Mengoni performing Due Vite for Italy at Liverpool Arena Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU
Find out where and when you can see your favourite artists of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest perform live near you - as they go out touring after their time in Liverpool.

No sooner had the glittery-golden confetti been swept off the stage of Liverpool Arena, and some of the artists who had just performed on it to 162 million people across the world were already thinking of the next big thrill of their next big gig. 

Having now returned home, rested for a day or two, and watched their songs fly up the charts across Europe, a selection of our stars of Scouse-land have announced that they are going out onto the road again. And they want you to join them!

2023 Contest winner Loreen, who triumphed in Liverpool for Sweden, has just announced a whole host of dates for November and December. Tickets went on sale on Friday 26 May, and she's already added two more dates to the bunch shown above - in Switzerland and France. More dates are expected to be announced based solely on the popularity of the first few dates, so keep an eye on the double-winner's official website for related news.

Our Finnish runner-up Käärijä is currently taking it easy on a nice holiday in the sunshine. It's not crazy, it's not party, but it's thoroughly well-deserved.

And it's just as well, because next week he starts a whopping 40-date tour of his native Finland. If you've ever fancied exploring some of lesser-known Finland, and experiencing rural quiet come alive to Cha Cha Cha chants, now's your moment! 

The enthusiasm of the home crowd is going to be giving Käärijä plenty of renewed energy - and so we expect it won't be too long before he's announcing some wider European dates, too...

Even before the Versace-clad Italian headed off to Liverpool to showcase the beautiful Due Vite to Europe, Marco Mengoni already had a stadium tour pencilled in for during the summer months in Italy - including a date at the iconic Circus Maximus in Rome. 

Well, now the Sanremo winner has responded appropriately to all of those points awarded to his Eurovision Song Contest 2023 entry, and announced a European tour. It takes in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland too.

We love to see the friendships and camaraderie that often forms between our artists as they spend two intensive weeks together in the Host City, and this year in Liverpool, Ireland's Wild Youth and Slovenia's Joker Out became so close, they decided to pool their fandoms and gig together, too! Their 7 June show in Dublin comes after a 5 June show, also in Dublin, sold out in just 15 minutes. At this rate, we imagine more shows are at least in the discussion stage right now.

You can also catch Joker Out on their current Slovenian tour, with "other international dates coming soon", according to the Carpe Diem-motto-loving boys.

Norway's own Alessandra has been enjoying Top 10 success in the singles charts across Europe, and the Queen of Kings has now set her sights on meeting her army of new subjects. In January of 2024 she goes out on a 20-date tour that starts in Estonia and ends in Ireland, with plenty of kingdoms pencilled-in between. 

We also hear rumblings that her much-anticipated follow-up single is dropping very very soon...

Australian rock-icons Voyager are living up to their name and wasting no time in returning to Europe. Once their tour at home in Australia has wrapped up, that's it - they're charging up that DeLorean, strapping the keytar into the passenger seat, and transporting their synth-loving selves back to the northern hemisphere. New shows are already being added, so there's no excuse for missing them - and they'll have travelled further than most, after all!

They're setting out on an ambitious tour of the United Kingdom at the end of the year, but German rockers Lord of the Lost have got even bigger plans in store for 2024. 

The 67th Eurovision Song Contest was just the latest chapter in their 15-year career, and they are celebrating this milestone by going out on a tour of Europe early next year. And of course, if you can't wait until then, you can always catch them as support on the latest Iron Maiden tour!

This week she announced the release of her debut album Sorry I'm Late, which comes out on 15 September. And the United Kingdom's Mae Muller will also be heading out on the road to promote it, too. 

In November, Mae will be taking in some of the UK's biggest cities, as well as the capital of Ireland, to perform I Wrote A Song and Other Songs She Wrote. 

This is just a sample of the shows that our new faves are embarking upon in the coming months. Keep an eye on the social media platforms (linked to in our profiles) of all 37 artists that joined us in Liverpool, to see what they're up to next. 

You can listen to all 37 songs of Eurovision 2024 via your favourite streaming service or watch the music videos on our YouTube channel.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden on Tuesday 7 May (First Semi-Final), Thursday 9 May (Second Semi-Final) and Saturday 11 May (Grand Final) 2024.

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