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Don't miss 'Miss You' by Belgium's Jérémie Makiese
Photo: Martin Godfroid / RTBF

Eurovision 2022: Let's roll the Live-On-Tapes! 📼

We're releasing the Live-On-Tape performances that the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest participants submitted to us prior to their travel to Turin.

As with every part of their Eurovision experience, Citi Zēni relished creating their Live-On-TapeAksels Roberts Zirnis / LTV

We know you’re not yet bored of rewatching the live performances of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest – and we’re with you all the way on that. The Sound of Beauty continues to echo on throughout Europe one month on from the Contest. And it still sounds… well, beautiful.

But to add a new spin to your visual consumption of this year’s songs, we’re releasing the tapes. Specifically, the Live-On-Tapes.

Achille Lauro’s mechanical bull was making it to our screens, whatever happenedGiulia Parmigiani / SMRTV

What is a Live-On-Tape?

In the months prior to the 2022 Contest, each participating country was required to film and submit a Live-On-Tape performance of their entry.

This would be used in the unfortunate event of an artist not being able to make it to rehearsals in Turin to record a back-up performance, which in turn would have been used should the artist not have been able to perform on the night of the live show they were competing in.

It is a safeguard to ensure that each country would still be able to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest; a safeguard which was introduced last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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From the hand-washing perch to the director’s chair – Serbia’s KonstraktaRTS

How does a Live-On-Tape look?

Aside from a set of basic guidelines to ensure fairness, each broadcaster has the freedom to create a performance they are proud of, and which they feel will best represent their song.

As a result of such potential visual disparity, not only do the Live-On-Tape performances shine a whole new light on each of our favourite songs, they also showcase a further dimension to the creative talents of our competing artists and delegations.

That’s why we are now releasing the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest Live-On-Tapes – to celebrate the hard work and creativity that went into producing them, and to give viewers a new visual form through which to enjoy the music of this year’s Contest.

Brooke performing for us again? That’s us enriched. Andres Poveda / RTÉ

How to watch

Over ten days, commencing on Tuesday 14 June, we’ll be releasing the Live-On-Tape performances on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel. Subscribe so as not to miss any of them.

A small number of broadcasters have elected not to have their Live-On-Tape performances released, and so we can continue to remember them as was initially intended – performed on the Eurovision stage from the PalaOlimpico in Turin!

Let us know your favourite Live-On-Tape performances via the official Eurovision Song Contest Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook channels.

You can’t mistake her geometry – Albania’s Ronela HajatiErgi Nune / RTSH

Subscribe to the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel – and to the Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast.

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