Eurovision 2015 Final tickets sold out in 20 min, more in January

As always, the demand for the tickets for the upcoming contest is extraordinarily high. However, if you didn't secure a ticket yet, don't worry, more are to come in the next few months. The next wave is set for January and the exact time will be announced through the Eurovision Song Contest official communications channels. 

More than 600 people took advantage of the opportunity to buy at the ticket offices. The first, who secured tickets there was Dominik Berghofer from Vienna: "I'm a big fan and I thought if Conchita wins and the song contest is held in Austria, I am the first in the line!"

Buy only through official channels!

It is stronglty recommended to purchase tickets only through the official ticket handlers. The Host Broadcaster, ORF warns of vendors that advertise tickets with sky-high prices. The terms and conditions prohibit the resale for profit and ORF reserves the right to take legal action against these providers.

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