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Eurovision 2013 reaches 170 million worldwide

28 May 2013 at 18:48 CEST

In 24 of 36 countries, more than a third of the population viewed the two Semi and Grand Finals of the Contest; in eight of those countries, more than half the population tuned in, with interest peaking for Saturday night's final. Figures on the previous year swelled to an average of 54,6 million viewers.

In the Nordic countries, the Final was watched by two-thirds of the available audience. The market share for Denmark, whose public service broadcaster DR won hosting rights to next year's contest, leapt by more than 50 per cent to almost 80 per cent: 1.7 million viewers. The market share for the host broadcaster SVT was 84,9 per cent, the best since 2003.

The biggest increase was registered in the Netherlands, which reached the final for the first time since 2004 with singer-song writer Anouk performing her own composition Birds. More than 4,8 million viewers tuned in to see her register number nine on the leader board.

Overall, the Eurovision Song Contest Final achieved an average market share of 38,3 per cent, a massive increase of 160 per cent compared with the average market share delivered during peak time of almost 15 per cent. The average market share among ESC finalist countries was 47,4 per cent – a massive 187 per cent more than the average market share usually delivered in peak time in those countries.

The show proved slightly more popular among women than men (57% vs 43%).

Reach analysis is based on the total number of people who watched the contest in 36 countries (excluding Armenia and Norway for which figures are pending) across the two Semi-Finals and the Final of the contest for at least one minute.

Countries with no audience measurement system or which are currently facing withdrawal of data and are therefore excluded from the analysis include: Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Malta, Montenegro, San Marino, Slovakia, Switzerland. Figures will be updated as more data becomes available.

Thirty-nine public broadcasters participated in the 2013 contest, which was transmitted live over the EUROVISION and EURORADIO networks via EBU Member SVT.