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Eurovision 2012 split jury-televote results revealed

18 June 2012 at 16:32 CEST

1 to 8, 10 and 12 points were given by juries and televoters in each country, then combined, and the combined top 10 would determine the actual vote given by that respective country, whereas jury and televoting counted for 50% each.

After all results have been checked and verified by the EBU and PwC, we can reveal now the split results by jury and televoting.

First up is the Final which was held on the 26th of May. See the split results below!

CountryCombinedTelevoteJury vote-PlacePointsPlacePointsPlacePointsSweden137213431296Russia225923321194Serbia321432112173Azerbaijan415051518118Albania514681063157Estonia612012786152Turkey711241762250Germany811061251098Italy910117564157Spain109718455154Moldova118113759104Romania127171172053F.Y.R.Macedonia137111791769Lithuania147014681482Ukraine156520377125Cyprus166515631285Greece17649891860Bosnia & Herzegovina185516571571Ireland194610892514Iceland204619391953Malta214125101670France22212601385Denmark232123182151Hungary241922202330United Kingdom251221362611Norway26724162424

So, the voters at home and the 42 professional juries agreed on the winner Loreen (Sweden) but less on the next placings.

One of the biggest differences was between the placing of Russia - their entry placed second with the televoters but 11th in the eyes of the professional juries. All in all, the juries and the televoters agreed on 5 of the top 10 songs.

What about the Semi-Finals?

As for the Semi-Finals, the juries and the televoters both counted for 50% of the total outcome. The results for the first Semi-Final were as follows.

CountryCombinedTelevoteJury vote-PlacePointsPlacePointsPlacePointsRussia11521189875Albania214631311131Romania31202132587Greece411651103103Moldova51007852107Ireland69241161072Cyprus791699490Iceland8758791170Denmark963953681Hungary10521139776Switzerland114510491345Finland124112361257Israel13331616972San Marino143113251442Montenegro152014241628Latvia161715181817Belgium17161821538Austria18817151727

Note: Countries in bold qualified for the Final.

In the first Semi-Final, the clear winner in the eyes of the televoters was Russia, while Albania snatched the top points from the juries. Out of the ten qualifiers, the juries and the viewers agreed on 8.

As for the second Semi-Final, the televoters and the juries agreed on the eventual winner of this year's contest, Sweden's entry by Loreen. Check out the split voting results below:

CountryCombinedTelevoteJury vote-PlacePointsPlacePointsPlacePointsSweden118111801145Serbia215921482141Lithuania310431281055Estonia41005884102Turkey58041141342Bosnia & Herzegovina677770677Malta7701139597Ukraine86417243109F.Y.R. Macedonia953863958Norway10456721825Bulgaria11459591727Croatia12421434766Portugal133913371249Georgia14361815862The Netherlands153510511631Belarus163512371152Slovenia173116271440Slovakia182215321540

Note: Countries in bold qualified for the Final.

Sweden had a clear lead in the televoters' eyes in the second Semi-Final while they just won narrowly before Serbia in the jury vote. Both parties agreed on 6 of the 10 qualifiers while two were put through to the Final thanks to the juries, and two were saved thanks to the votes from the televoters.

The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest took place on the 22, 24 and 26th of May in Baku, Azerbaijan and was won by Loreen with her Euphoria. She represented Sweden bringing the trophy back home for the first time since 1999.

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