Eurovision 2010: NRK and EBU to broadcast in 3D

While the technology to broadcast in 3D is already present and the first 3D television sets are available on the market, the Eurovision Song Contest has never before been broadcast actually using that technology. "We want to share the moment with all viewers, also those very few who are in the posession of 3D-television sets," Hasse Lindmo, Show Producer of this year's Eurovision Song Contest said. Several movies have already been produced in 3D, so both NRK as well as the EBU considers this a "logical next step". 

NRK already presented its intentions to do more with 3D-television in January.

The Reference Group of the EBU approved NRK's proposal at its most recent meeting, on the 21st of March. However, it was unknown whether a sufficient amount of 3D-glasses could be produced for the undoubly high demand. Earlier today, the first delivery was made to NRK's store. Viewers from Norway can purchase the glasses at the NRK store at Marienlyst in Oslo as from now. Viewers from abroad can order the 3D-glasses at the official Eurovision Song Contest webshop as from tomorrow.

NRK tested the 3D-production with the Norwegian and Swedish preview videos, and generated special Share The Moment graphics.

Update 19:40 CET: The first folks have purchased their Eurovision Song Contest 3D-glasses.

Update 21:20 CET: Some noticed, some didn't... The story about the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in 3D was a joint effort of NRK and the EBU to celebrate April Fools Day. Tomorrow, you'll read an exclusive behind the scenes report about the preparations that went into the item, which you can see below:


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