Europe gathers at the Georgian Party

Georgian delegation parties have already become a real legend in recent years, and this year was no exception. The Head of the Georgian Delegation, Maia Baratashvili, also invited the delegates and members of the international press this year, with the event taking place in the Euroclub on 5thn of May.

Nobody had to remain hungry or thirsty that night, as khachapuri, a traditional dish including pastry and cheese, was served along with Georgian wines. The latter had been stuck in customs for several days and could only be cleared just in time for the party!

Just like the press conference, the party started with a group of small kids performing a traditional dance together. Then, three former Georgian Eurovision Song Contest representatives took the stage together: Sopho Khalvashi, Sofia Nizharadze, and Sopho Toroshelidze, who later went on to perform together with her band Eldrine as well.

Several 2011 representatives of other countries paid a visit to the party as well, like Emmy from Armenia, Nadine Beiler from Austria, Paradise Oscar from Finland, and one of the Slovak TWiiNS! Check out our photo gallery below to feel the breeze of the Georgian party:

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