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Europe falls for 'Fairytale'

In the Netherlands, where a Eurovision Song Contest winner can usually count on anything but chart success, Fairytale entered the single charts on #2. In neighbouring Flanders (Belgium), Alexander Rybak comes in on the 5th place. Surprisingly, the Estonian entry Rändajad enters the Flemish charts on #20. It is said to be the first time an Estonian song enters the Flemish charts.

In Sweden, this year's winning Eurovision Song Contest song tops the charts. Other contestants can also find themselves in the Swedish list; Iceland's Yohanna can be found on #3, Malena Ernman (Sweden) on #4, AySel & Arash (Azerbaijan) on #5, Waldo's People (Finland) on #11, Hadise (Turkey) on #14, Urban Symphony (Estonia) on #19, Inga & Anush (Armenia) on #29, Sakis Rouvas (Greece) on #30, Jade Ewan on #34, Alex Swings Oscar Sings (Germany) on #43, Brinck (Denmark) on #44, Svetlana Loboda (Ukraine) on #46 and Lovebugs (Switzerland) on #57.

In Denmark, Fairytale can be found on #2. Further down, Denmark's Brinck can be found on #4, Iceland's Yohanna on #21.

In the Finnish charts, Rybak enters at #2. The nation's own entry, Lose Control by Waldo's People, can be found just behind Fairytale on #3. Iceland's Yohanna enters at #4, Estonia's entry Rändajad made it to the 10th place.Rybak's success continues in Ireland, where Fairytale can be found on the 2nd place of the charts. The Irish entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest by Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy can be found on #6, Iceland's Yohanna on #28.

In his home country Norway, Alexander Rybak is in the luxurious position to occupy not just #1 with Fairytale, but also #2 with his follow-up single Funny Little World.

All eyes are now focussed on the listings in the United Kingdom, widely considered as one of the world's most influential charts. If Fairytale makes it to the top-10 remains to be seen, as this week's charts will only be revealed on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

More success

On video community YouTube, various videos of Alexander's performances at the Eurovision Song Contest were viewed over 15 million times, making it one of the most viewed videos this week worldwide.

Tomorrow night, Alexander Rybak can be seen on Dutch television as guest of popular TV-host Paul de Leeuw. Last but not least, the fresh Eurovision Song Contest winner was invited to the Romanian Music Awards, though his presence has not yet been confirmed by his management.

At the winners' press conference in Moscow, shortly after the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Rybak said that his album Fairytales is expected to be released in some 20 countries across Europe.

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