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Emmelie de Forest, Sunstroke Project and more at EuroClub in Tel Aviv

23 April 2019 at 20:00 CEST
EuroClub 2019 KAN
This year, the official EuroClub will be located at Hangar 11 at Tel Aviv Port. From 11 until 18 May, there will be themed parties, surprising live shows and screenings of the Semi-Finals and Grand Final. Every night, local DJs and DJs from all over Europe will be playing Eurovision music from the past and present.

Located at the beach, Hangar 11 will be the official and main party venue for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. The EuroClub is the official party venue for accredited Eurovision Song Contest delegates, press and fans.

Who will be performing?

International artists: 

  • Emmelie de Forest (Denmark 2013 – Eurovision Winner)
  • Linda Martin (Ireland 1992 – Eurovision Winner)
  • Christer Bjorkman (Sweden 1992)
  • Chiara (Malta 1998, 2005, 2009)
  • Elpida (Greece 1979, Cyprus 1986)
  • Sunstroke Project (Moldova 2010, 2017)
  • Timebelle (Switzerland 2017)
  • Anna Sahlene (Estonia 2002)

Israeli artists

  • Shiri Maymon (2005) 
  • Harel Skaat (2010)
  • Liora (1995)
  • Dafna (1992)

Who can enter?

This year's official EuroClub will be opening its doors for free to accredited individuals in the categories D, P and F. It is obligatory to carry your accreditation badge when visiting the EuroClub.

If you are not accredited, it is possible to purchase a bracelet. Bracelets are sold for 600 ILS each, and include daily entrance for 8 (!) parties from 11 until 18 May. The first 1000 OGAE members who apply, will be able to secure a discounted bracelet for 500 ILS.

When is it open?

  • 11 May: 23:00 – 04:00 
  • 12-17 May: 21:30 – 04:00
  • 18 May: 21:30 – 06:00

Special parties

  • 11 May: the Official Nordic Party with performances of this year's artists from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and others
  • 12 May: the official after party of the Orange Carpet
  • 18 May: the official after party of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final.

Will we see you party at the EuroClub? Let us know in the comments!