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Euroclub officially opens

02 May 2011 at 11:55 CEST

What is Euroclub?

The idea of EuroClub is to be a social platform for the 43 participating countries,  a place where the delegations, officials, artists and performers, all journalists, and some of the fans, come together and have fun until late into the night, a place to unwind after a hard working day.

The EuroClub 2011 will be used to host some parties for countries, and also two official after show parties taking place after the First and Second Semi-Finals of Europe's Favourite TV Show.

In addition the Eurovision Song Contest fans will organise social programmes during the fortnight. A contingent of fans from Australia will hold a party there, for example.

For the Final, there will be an official public viewing of the show on 14th  May. EuroClub is located at the Quartier Boheme and Henkel Saal restaurants. There is a bar and restaurant room, and also a second, larger room which includes a stage for live performances.