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Euro Euphoria: A new feature documentary

01 May 2014 at 15:37 CEST

Euro Euphoria

Euro Euphoria is the first film about Eurovision fans!  The brand new feature documentary Euro Euphoria will take you out of your everyday routine and fly you right into the amazing atmosphere of Eurovision
Song Contest!

Euro Euphoria does not solely focus on the performers, delegations or the long and colourful history of the song contest but on the most important partakers of the past few decades. Yes, it’s you – the fans!
It’s a fast-paced story full of humour that captivates the viewer with a cascade of perspectives amid fans’ adventures on the sidelines of the annual contest, filmed in Malmö 2013. 

Friendship between nations

In this journey to deconstruct the followers of the Eurovision Song Contest, the viewer meets both novices and old timers, as well as people working in the organising crew. By portraying the fans and the devotees from different countries, the experience gets boiled down to its essence in an exuberant display of friendship between nations.

Besides other fans the film features Sissel I. Kristoffersen, a bubbly schoolteacher from Norway, a charming couple from Australia;  David Atfield and John Beacroft. an outgoing devoted fan from Texas, USA;Andrew Fendelman, and Jarmo Siim, who started following Europe's Favourite Tv Show as a fan and has now become involved with the organisation of the song contest working for the EBU.

As a bonus, Euro Euphoria also takes the viewers exclusively backstage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The documentary is available to purchase and watch online.

Euro Euphoria is produced by Estonian production house Full Frontal Films with some help from Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR). Duration of Euro Euphoria is 65 minutes, it's in English with English subtitles where needed.

Author of the film is Ermo Säks, who has produced and directer numerous TV-documentaries and TV-series (the majority is produced by ERR-order), music videos and commercials. Mr. Säks has Bachelor's degree in film production and Master's degree in documentary film directing.

Watch the trailer for Euro Euphoria