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Estonians record previews, Dave Benton is back!

22 January 2008 at 23:41 CET also received confirmation about the interval act of Eurolaul 2008. "Ines, Anna Sahlene, Gerli Padar and the Bedwetters will perform a joint interval act," explains the Executive Producer of the show, Juhan Paadam. Ines represented Estonia successfully at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, where she finished 4th with Once In A Lifetime. The Swedish Anna Sahlene represented Estonia in 2002 with Runaway, Gerli Padar did that last year in Helsinki with Partners In Crime. The Estonian band The Bedwetters won the MTV Europe Award for New Sounds of Europe, and quickly became popular on home ground.

Dave Benton: "Tell them I'm back!"

Guest of honour today was Dave Benton, who has been asked to join the team behind Iiris Vesik as producer. In 2001, the Aruban won the Eurovision Song Contest together with Tanel Padar and 2XL. Their song Everybody won the contest 'without prior notice', as fans, press and bookmakers predicted the entry to finish outside the top-10. "If you really believe in something, which I did back then, you can make things happen," Benton explained, looking back at his surprise victory seven years ago. "When I was asked to join Iiris' team, I decided to go for it. Some friends called and asked me... Dave, are you sure about this? Why would you do this? Of course I am sure! And then I asked them... Why wouldn't I?," the optimistic musician says. Benton's wife, a native Estonian, is also involved in the act behind Vesik's Ice-cold Story. Benton hesitated to confirm earlier suggestions that he would perform as backing vocal as well, but he did have icy make-up applications on his face for before the recordings. For fun, or... Let's see if Benton can resist!

UPDATE 22:00 CET: ...of course he couldn't resist! 

 PHOTO GALLERY: Preview recordings for Estonian final

Live stream of Eurolaul 2008 

Through esctv, will stream the Estonian national final live on the 2nd of February. The show, hosted by Marko Reikop and Ines, kicks off at 20:35 CET. On the same night, but a little earlier (18:00 CET), esctv will also air the first ever Azerbaijani national final worldwide through esctv.