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Estonian victory goes to Getter Jaani

26 February 2011 at 23:32 CET

It all started just two weeks ago when the first semi-final of the Estonian national selection, Eesti Laul - or Estonian Song in English - was held. Out of ten, five qualified and went on to tonight's final. It was the tiny country's first time to use a format including semi-finals. Read more about the first Estonian semi-final in our article.

Then it was time for the second semi-final. Once again, it was five who qualified but as one song was disqualified, then only nine were in the race for the trophy. Read more about the second Estonian semi-final in our article.

After all songs had been performed - accompanied by short clips starring the artists themselves giving an interview to a fake Japanese TV-station, not knowing it was just some soft humour on the artists  - it was time to decide.

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The juries announced their votes first, even before the televoting had ended and their favourite was Orelipoiss, followed by Outloudz.

However, the viewers had a different idea with their over 63,000 votes and it was Getter Jaani and Outloudz who qualified for a second round of voting. 

  1. Getter Jaani - Rockefeller Street - 17 points (7 from the jury, 10 from televoting)
  2. Outloudz - I Wanna Meet Bob Dylan - 17 points (9 from the jury, 8 from the televote)
  3. Orelipoiss - Valss - 16 points (10 from the jury, 6 from the viewers)
  4. Jana Kask - Don´t Want Anything - 13 points (8 from the jury, 5 from televoting)
  5. Ithaka Maria - Hopa'pa-rei! - 12 points (3 from the jury, 9 from the viewers)
  6. Victoria - Baby Had You - 11 points (4 from the jury, 7 from televote)
  7. MID - Smile - 9 points (5 points from the jury, 4 from the televote)
  8. Rolf Roosalu - All & Now - 8 points (6 from the jury, 2 from the televote)
  9. Noorkuu - Be My Saturday Night - 4 points (1 from the jury, 3 from the viewers)
  10. Mimicry - The Storm - 3 points (2 from the jury, 1 from televote)

It was only up to the viewers now. The tension was higher than ever before in the Nokia Concert Hall and the viewers did their job eagerly by voting over 45,000 times, resulting in a record-breaking televoting numbers.

So, now it was only time to announce who got most of those votes... And it was Getter Jaani to take victory with the song Rockefeller Street! She gathered a total of 62% of the votes in this round, leaving Outloudz in the second place.

A similar thing happened in 2009 when the lead singer of Outloudz was in the band Traffic and also qualified for the super-final. And once again, it was a song by the same composer as now, Sven Lõhmus, to beat them with Rändajad.

By the way, you can watch the Estonian final over and over again here on our WebTV player.

 "She had a very good choreography, all details were in place and the song was good. I think that's the sum of things that brought her the victory." - Heidy Purga, the Executive Producer of Eesti Laul said.

About the winner

Getter Jaani is a newcomer in Estonian music, with her debut single released a bit over a year ago.

However, the writer of her song is Sven Lõhmus, and he has quite some experience with the Eurovision Song Contest.

Namely, he's composed two Estonian entries for the Eurovision Song Contest - Let's Get Loud(2005) and Rändajad (2009). He's also the man behind several popular Estonian artists, such as Vanilla Ninja, Mari-Leen, Laura and of course, Urban Symphony.

Last year, Estonia did not qualify for the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest with Malcolm Lincoln's Siren

Estonia's most successful year at the Eurovision Song Contest was exactly 10 years ago when the country took their first ever victory with Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL's song Everybody and hosted Europe's favourite TV-show the year after.