Estonia was represented by Malcolm Lincoln in 2010
Estonia was represented by Malcolm Lincoln in 2010 Photo: EBU

Estonian siren sounding in Oslo

Lead singer Robin Juhkental (Malcolm Lincoln) is accompanied on stage by a pianist and four male backing vocalists called Manpower 4. Today they were all wearing either plum or maroon coloured jackets and are all sporting silk scarves. As with the performance in the Estonian national selection, Robin is both charismatic and eccentric at the same time with his movement around the stage, and seems to posess the ability to know exactly how to work the cameras to the best effect. He finishes the performance on his knees.


Robin Juhkental, the leader and founder of the band Malcolm Lincoln, had written the track Siren several years ago, but decided to present it to wider audiences only now, when the Estonian heats for the Eurovision Song Contest underwent a great change last year after more less-known artists were invited by the broadcaster to join the contest. Valner Valme, music critic and journalist at the largest Estonian newspaper, says that Malcolm Lincoln is a charming band, whose music combines modern electronics and classical big pop.  Stylistically there are no limits, the band draws features from the areas of funk, electro, soul, synth-pop and boy-bands, but what makes it unique is how the band succeeds in putting all the ingredients to work for its benefit. Malcolm Lincoln was formed in 2009. The band’s other member Madis Kubu aka Fretless Rämbu provides special live support and joins Robin for live shows. Malcolm Lincoln’s backing vocals on the Eurovision Song Contest stage are provided by Manpower 4, a quartet formed especially for the event.

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At the press conference after the rehearsal, the Estonian team said that they were very pleased with the first rehearsals. When asked about how the song was born lead singer Robin said  "When I was 17, I rented a property and there was an old lady who lived upstairs and hated me playing guitar and practising, so one time she went out to the shop and I wrote the song in the 15 minutes that she was gone, and that's how it was born!."

Interestingly, it was revealed that the name Malcolm Lincoln was derived from an incorrect answer to a question about United States presidents in the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show in Estonia, and lead singer Robin felt it fitted the band perfectly and promptly began using it.

Initially when the song was entered for the Estonian national selection, it was more about showcasing the band and talent rather than necessarily with the Eurovision Song Contest in mind. The announcer asked that if Estonia were to win in Oslo what it would mean for the group and their future. Lead singer Robin replied "The final ranking in Oslo is not so important for us, to give a good performance is what we aspire to but the juries who have musical taste will vote for us!". The group collectively said that they personally preferred the entries from Latvia, Lithuania and Germany.

The band members reminisced that their best ever memory of Europe's Favourite TV Show was when Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL won the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest for Estonia.

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