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Estonia: Who are the favourites so far?

02 February 2010 at 15:16 CET

Yesterday, as promised, the Estonian broadcaster ERR published the songs on their Eesti Laul 2010 page. Beforehand five songs were already available on different websites. As a tradition, the media and the readers have been commenting on the selection. Who are the favourites, what do you think? Listen to the songs first and then we'll tell you what the locals think.

According to Estonian media, the favourites so far are Iiris Vesik, Marten Kuningas & Mahavok and most of all, Lenna Kuurmaa. In a poll at one of the most popular entertainment portals,, 30% of the voters preferred Lenna's song, followed by Marten's (27%) and Iiris with 13%. Their readers like the song by 3 Pead the least, followed by Tiiu Kiik's and Disko 4000 - they all got round 2% of the votes. 

In another popular portal, Publik, people seem to prefer Mimicry's (21,1%), Groundhog Day's (19%) and Marten's (15%) songs. The least favourite being 3 Pead (1%), Tiiu Kiik (2%) and Disko 4000 (5%).

However, comments in various portals also point out the most suitable song would be Rolf Junior's as it would be 'the most Eurovision-ish entry'. What is that exactly, remains to be seen and defined.

What will be Estonia's choice for Europe's favourite TV-show, will be decided on the 12th of March, from the Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn.