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Estonia: Watch Eesti Laul final live tonight

03 March 2012 at 01:40 CET

Five songs qualified from each of the two semi finals of Eesti Laul 2012 over the past two weekends. The ten finalists will battle it out tonight for two places in a super final. 

In the initial round a 50/50 split between televoting and jury votes will determine the two superfinalists. The final two songs will then be split by televoting only, with the winner of the televoting taking the Estonian ticket to Baku.

Tonight's line up is as follows:- 

  • Loss Paranoias - Valedetektor
  • Teele Viira - City Nights
  • Liis Lemsalu - Made Up My Mind
  • August Hunt - Tantsulõvi
  • Lenna - Mina Jään 
  • Pop Maniacs - I Don't Know
  • Traffic - NASA 
  • Tenfold Rabbit - Oblivion
  • Birgit Õigemeel & Violina - You're Not Alone
  • Ott Lepland - Kuula

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The final of Eesti Laul will take place at 20.30 CET from the Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn.