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Estonia: Tanja "weightless" during her first rehearsal

28 April 2014 at 13:42 CEST

The Estonian delegation were very relaxed backstage and it was obvious that Tanja and her equally as talented backing dancer were in the process of warming up for their impressive routine. Speaking to the Head of Delegation, it was obvious that the stand-ins for the first run-throughs (before the delegations arrived) had trouble keeping up with Tanja's years of experience and training. 

"It was funny watching the video from the stand-in rehearsal", said the Head of Delegation, "they were just so out of breath". 

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Tanja's new dress

When backstage it was noticeable that Tanja had a new dress especially made for the competition. The dress is an elegant white number that swoops down to the left, whilst at the same time giving Tanja plenty of room to move in. 

To the right of the stage, there are three backing singers leaving room for Tanja and her dancer to move around the enormous stage here at the B&W Hallerne. 

A dance studio on stage

The performance begins with Tanja and her dancer lying on the floor, over a wooden floor background, projected by the floor LED screens. The spider cam hangs above them and slowly moves away from the pair during the opening notes of Amazing. In the background huge wooden window frames are projected onto the cube shaped walls of the stage, with a brick finish between them. This really offers the impression of being in a very large dance studio. 

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With Tanja we have come to expect very complicated and impressive dance moves. The choreography is one of the main focuses of the performance of Amazing, and includes some signature dances moves including when she goes "weightless", leaning over on her side. Another impressive move was when Tanja jumped into the arms of the dancer, perfectly timed to a specific point in the song. This is followed by a 180 degree turn in a split second. 

Check out the stage at the end of Tanja's rehearsal:

Towards the end of the performance, the stage becomes a lot more kinetic with images of birds and moving balls projecting onto the backdrop. Spotlights also play a very prominent role throughout the entire performance. 

Estonia will take part in the first Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest on the 6th of May at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark.