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Estonia: Getter and her magical trick

08 May 2011 at 14:12 CEST
Getter Jaani represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 EBU

Skyscraper background for Getter

The rehearsal today for Getter Jaani's Rockefeller Street looked even more refined compared to the first try-out. The magical trick of turning a piece of cloth into a stick is still there at the beginning and many people are actually baffled as to how Getter actually does this trick!

The young Estonian singer is currently one of the favourites in the betting odds, and there is no reason to believe why Rockefeller Street shouldn't do well in the contest - it has all the ingredients that are needed in the Eurovision Song Contest. Proof of that were the big roars of applause in the hall for Estonia's song.

Not much else was changed for Getter Jaani today: the skyscrapers were still on the backdrop projection, and the choreography seemed to be taken directly from a trendy musical. Many consider the Estonian song as the country's strongest in many years: will it also set the scoreboard alight?

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Backstage: what happened there?

Backstage, Getter was looking forward to her second rehearsal and hoping to continue improving.

"I'm excited, and we'll do our best there. I'll enjoy it, and we hope it will get better for each time," she says.

When faced with the challenge about which song she would choose if she had to perform one of the other entries instead, she opted for primarily Finland and secondarily Sweden.

"But we have the Belarusian song in our heads, they have the dressing room next to ours!"

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Getter's press conference

The Estonian team presented themselves at the beginning of the press conference.

Getter disclosed that she felt more comfortable on the stage, and just some little things were changed compared to the first rehearsal.

The backing dancers said that they have been working with Getter for a year now, and they found the perfect match with Getter now.

One of the dancers was slightly injured on stage today, but he claimed that after some treatment he would be as good as new now.

Getter explained that she would participate in the Eurovision Song Contest again, no matter the result this year. "I feel so good here", she added.

The whole Estonian team then performed an acapella version of their song Rockefeller Street and the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2001, Everybody.

When asked about the team's favourites among the competitors, Italy, Germany and Sweden were named.

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