Estonia: Excitement starts tonight!

For the past three days all the contestants of Eesti Laul 2009 had the chance to rehearse on the stage and make sure everything is perfect. followed the rehearsals and you can see a gallery of that below.

At 20:35 Central European Time all the participants will perform their songs live, followed by interviews with all of them. There will be no voting at this stage. Tonight these artists will get their chance before the audience:

  1. Lowry - You Ain't What I Need
  2. Janne Saar - Too Good For You
  3. StereoChemistry - Öösiti Kõndides
  4. Urban Symphony - Rändajad
  5. Chalice - Nelikümmend
  6. Köök ja Kaire Vilgats - Üürnik
  7. Rolf Junior - Fre:dom
  8. Traffic - See Päev
  9. Ithaka-Maria - One Last Dance
  10. Laura - Destiny

You can follow the show as a webcast here.

The next three Saturdays more can be seen about the acts and people behind them when the introduction shows are aired. The whole selection process will have it's grand final on the 7th of March when the Estonian representative for Moscow will be chosen in two voting rounds - the last one being between the two most-voted songs. The voting mixture has not yet been decided on, found out but a jury together with televoting will definitely be used.

Estonia has had little success since the introduction of the Semi-Finals at the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year the tiny country failed to qualify once again with Kreisiraadio's Leto Svet.

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