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Esma & Vlatko are the choice of FYR Macedonia

29 December 2012 at 04:24 CET

The 2013 Eurovision Song Contest has already some participant artists confirmed before 2012 comes to an end. The latest country to join this trend is FYR Macedonia; their broadcaster has just announced that they give the honour to represent them in Malmö to two renowned names in their country: Esma Redzepova-Teodosievska and Vlatko Lozanoski-Lozano.

Esma, the Queen of Gypsy music

Esma has been artistically involved for decades, she is well-known and recognized throughout the world. Her unique and virtuous vocals have become a synonym of clear and precise singing, confirmed by her numerous solo albums, concerts for big audiences and multiple collaborations. Esma has also devoted her life to humanitarian and philanthropy projects, being eligible twice for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Esma with the late balkan star Tose Proeski who sang for FYR Macedonia in 2004.

Vlatko, the pop star

Vlatko Lozano has been active on the music scene for almost five years. However, in this short period  with his rich voice and talent, he has managed to draw the attention of the public in his country. He is favoured mainly by the younger generation in the Balkan area. His voice is about to become a recognizable brand for FYR Macedonia in the world.

A song for Malmö

MKRTV trusts that this unusual duet of experience and youth will bring positive results. They will try to find now the perfect composition for the tandem by ordering songs to several well-known composers. The winning piece will also be the result of an internal choice.

The official presentation of FYR Macedonia's entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö will be held in Studio 3 of MKRTV at the end of February.