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ESDM: "We prefer to sing about love"

17 May 2013 at 21:09 CEST

Alexandra Pascalidou, the Swedish host of today's press conferences noticed after introducing the band that the title of the Spanish song Contigo Hasta El Final sounds very romantic. "We always speak about love and its feelings, either the good ones or the bad ones, so in our lyrics, we can talk about big love stories and also about sad break-ups".

About the recently announced running order in the final: "Yes we are very happy with the fifth position, we would have preferred the first position, but we are cool with the fifth one".

A Spanish journalist asked the three members of the band who would be the last person they'd phone before going on stage on Saturday night. David said that "she's here in Malmö, so I don't need to call anyone". Raquel added that she prefers to put the phone off and turn it on afterwards while Juan said "I prefer a hug or a kiss before going on stage".

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The story about their name (ESDM stands for El Sueño De Morfeo - Morpheus' Dream)  popped out again: "Raquel was reading a book about the interpretation of dreams, and Morpheus story captivated us. It was impossible for him to sleep as he was taking care of everyone else's dreams, and for us, in our beginning as a band, it was quite difficult to make it through in the music business, so we thought it fitted us".

Then the entertaining moments came. First, Raquel was asked to sing one of Spain's Eurovision classic entry. She chose the ballad that represented Spain in 1991, Bailar Pegados, which came 4th as performed Sergio Dalma. Raquel made a beautiful a capella version. After this they were joined by their backing singers, Mei, Milena and Javier to harmonise the Spanish entry Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until The End).

As we will see in their postcard before their performance in the Final, David has a little plane as flying is his passion, but does he prefer that to his music career? "I prefer to sing first, then win and finally fly back to Spain in our little plane!"