Eric Saade (Sweden) 1st press conference

But Eurovision is an even bigger step and Eric knows that he needs to prove himself. “I’m just here to do what I love and do the best I can and I’ll leave the judgment up to the audience,” he says modestly.

His Eurovision submission is rather ambitious because it will be combining the song with an acrobatic performance involving a series of glass panels, which are evidently being set up for a surprise smash finish. Eric remarks that it is especially challenging to sing and dance at the same time without sounding strained or winded and he has specially chosen backup performers with dual singing and dancing talents. He himself has been busy preparing for his next album, so he saved his voice somewhat today in rehearsal, so that he will be able to give his all for the competition.

When asked to speculate whether members of the Swedish royal family are following the Contest, Eric replied, “I don’t know, but the King likes to party and this is a party song!” This was confirmed enthusiastically by the Head of Delegation, who was actually singing along with the band at the first press conference held immediately following the rehearsal today.

Eric will be releasing a new album in summer entitled simply ‘Saade’, but for now he is focused on the Eurovision contest. He doesn’t feel under too much pressure to win, but he would very much like to make it to the final. His favorite song from last year was the winning song ‘Satellite’ and he confesses to being a big fan of hers.

When he is not busy rehearsing and meeting with the press, Eric plans to mingle in Düsseldorf: “The fun part will be to stay in the sun and get a tan.”

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