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English lyrics visualised on the stage backdrop for Hungary

11 May 2013 at 20:44 CEST

Before his rehearsal, ByeAlex was very focused backstage, preparing himself for the performance. His team explained that the projection on the stage background has been changed for today's rehearsal, now displaying excerpts of the English version The One For Me.

Furthermore, they revealed that ByeAlex was still making his mind up regarding his stage outfit for the Second Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest: Today he performed in a black leather jacket and he wore his woollen cap again, along with big glasses. Another option currently being considered is a leather cap.

Green lights and English words

On stage, ByeAlex seemed relaxed when he performed Kedvesem together with his guitarist and one backing vocalist.

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The light scenery was dominated by a green colour, and the light elements hanging from the roof of the Malmö Arena were also shining in green. The cameras were moving slowly, fitting the calm atmosphere of the song.

A philosopher with a Friedrich Nietzsche tattoo

The first question asked to ByeAlex on the press conference stage was: You are a journalist and have a degree in philosophy – what do you do on Eurovision stage? His answer was: "I've studied philosophy at the university in Miskolc and now I’m a journalist and editor in Hungary. Music is a passion for me. I started making music with a DJ program, and I have a metal band. I started making the music by ByeAlex one and a half years ago."

When asked about his tattoos, he showed one on his arm. "It’s a Friedrich Nietzsche tattoo. He is the best philosopher. He’s the man for me."

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ByeAlex, whose real name is Alex Márta, also gave an explanation on his stage name. "I used to use Pa as a greeting, it means 'hi' as well as 'bye' in English, it was really annoying to my friends. I wanted to use a more international version as my name, that’s why I chose ByeAlex."

On the question why initial plans to sing the song half in Hungarian and half in Swedish on the Eurovision stage have been dropped, the Head of Press, Simon Mudri-Molnár stated: "Yes, it’s true. You can find this version on youtube. We wanted to use it but we were just too late." They went on to perform an excerpt of this version on stage accompanied on the acoustic guitar by Daniel Kövágó.

ByeAlex added on the language issue: "I think the Hungarian version sounds more poetic, that’s why I decided not to sing an English version in the Eurovision Song Contest."