Eneda Tarifa
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Eneda Tarifa to represent Albania with a "Fairytale"

Tonight the first entry of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest has been chosen in the final of Albania's Festivali i Këngës. Out of 22 entries, which had qualified in two semi-finals on the preceding nights, an expert jury chose Eneda Tarifa. She will fly the Albanian flag in Stockholm with the song Përrallë, which translates as Fairytale.

In an exciting show, the act representing Albania in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest has been chosen tonight: It's Eneda Tarifa! She will sing Përrallë in Stockholm, a song composed by Olsa Toqi.

Eneda Tarifa already participated in the Albanian national selections for the 2004 and 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Currently she is not only famous for being a singer but also for hosting the show Portokalli on Top Channel.

After the final of Festivali i Këngës, she spoke to Eurovision.tv about her feelings after being crowned the winner, and she revealed some of her plans for Stockholm:

Aslajdon Zaimaj came second, and Flaka Krelani third. The selection was made solely by an expert jury. One of the members was Olta Boka, who had represented Albania in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

You can view Eneda's performance below.

The show

This was the full running order of tonight's show:

  1. Sigi Bastri – Engjëll i lirë
  2. Rezarta Smaja & Klodian Kaçani – Dashuri në përjetësi
  3. Dilan Reka – Buzëqesh
  4. Adrian Lulgjuraj – Jeto dhe ëndërro
  5. Erga Halilaj – Monolog
  6. Evans Rama – Flakë
  7. Jozefina Simoni – Një det me ty
  8. Egert Pano – Mos ik
  9. Genc Tukiçi – Sa të dashuroj
  10. Kozma Dushi – Një kafe
  11. Luiz Ejlli – Pa mbarim
  12. Teuta Kurti – Në sytë e mi
  13. Besa Krasniqi – Liroje zemrën
  14. Nilsa Hysi – Asaj
  15. Kristi Popa – Ajo çfarë ndjej
  16. Flaka Krelani – S'je për mu
  17. Enxhi Nasufi – Infinit
  18. Lindi Islami – Për një mrekulli
  19. Florent Abrashi – Të ndjek çdo hap
  20. Eneda Tarifa – Përrallë
  21. Renis Gjoka – Ato që s'ti them dot
  22. Aslajdon Zaimaj – Merrmë që sot

Before the final, two semi-finals took place, on December 25 and 26. During the interval, some of the biggest stars of the Albanian music scene performed: Aleksander Gjoka, Redon Makashi, Françesk Radi, Luan Zhegu and Mefarete Laze. 

The voting

At the end of the show, the entries ranked tenth to first were announced. This is the top ten of the jury vote:

  1. Eneda Tarifa
  2. Aslajdon Zaimaj
  3. Flaka Krelani
  4. Rezarta Smaja & Klodian Kaçani
  5. Enxhi Nasufi
  6. Nilsa Hysi
  7. Dilan Reka
  8. Teuta Kurti
  9. Renis Gjoka
  10. Evans Rama


The presenters

The presenters of the show were Pandi Laço, at the same time the screenwriter of the festival, and Blerta Tafani, a journalist and main news anchor at TVSH.

The history

Festivali i Këngës can already look back on a long history: It has been held every year since 1962. Since 2004, when Anjeza Shahini represented her home country with The Image Of You, it has also served as the Albanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Watch again!

Did you miss the show? Then do not despair - you can watch the final of Festivali i Këngës again on our WebTV Player.

Listen to the songs and watch the performances

You can also listen to studio versions of all songs on the official Festivali i Këngës website, and you can also watch the final performances of all entries on the RTSH Youtube Channel.

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