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Emotional storm of a performance for Norway

03 May 2014 at 14:49 CEST

Backstage, Carl Espen appeared relaxed. The Norwegian delegation were busy preparing promotional material for the press, so we took the opportunity to invite the carpenter into our Instagram studio to take a quick picture and asked him how he was. "I'm fine", he answered smiling.  

Earlier in the week we asked members of the Norwegian delegation how the first rehearsal went, to which they replied, "it went very well. We just have a few minor adjustments but otherwise we are very happy". So, today's rehearsal was a chance for Carl Espen to fine tune his performance and get used to the big stage ahead of the second Semi-Final on the 8th of May, where he will perform in third position. 

The stage transformation from the previous act was very quick, showing that the crew are obviously well versed in making the 30 second change between the songs. 

Once, again the Norwegian performance appears to focus primarily on simplicity, focussing the viewer in on Carl Espen, his beautiful voice and emotional ballad, Silent Storm. At the beginning of his performance, spotlights shine down on Carl Espen and as the song builds, images of dark moving waves appear on the giant LED screens at the back of the stage. 

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The waves also move cleverly with the tempo of the song; as it builds they swell bigger and higher. At the end spots light up from the back of the stage ending with what resembles a starry night scene, form the walls surrounding the stage. 

Carl Espen, himself, is wearing his stage clothes: a black suit and blue shirt. His hair also appears to recently have been cut. On stage he appeared confident in his performance and was vocally perfect. Between run-throughs he looked to be very thoughtful. It takes a lot of strength to perform in front of millions of people, especially for a less experienced artist. 

Due to the tempo of Silent Storm, a large number of close shots are used to convey the emotion in the song, with wide shots every now and then to show the graphics on stage, emanating the message of the song very well. 

During the last run-through ground fog was also used to add to the atmosphere, building up behind the piano and violinists who join Carl Espen on stage, standing on an angled platform. 

"There is sadness in this song"

Discussing the rehearsal at the press conference, songwriter and Carl Espen's cousin, Josefine Winther, said, "I couldn't be happier". This refers to how it went and the changes made to the lighting after the first rehearsal. 

Talking about where the inspiration for the song came from, Josefine said, "Carl Espen was the source of the song, because I felt like he had something bubbling under the surface waiting to come out". 

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"One of the main themes of the song is that there is some sadness in it. It can be quite hard to do it because you have to try and be in contact with these emotions", said Carl Espen. 

During the press conference, Carl Espen performed a cover version of the Katy Perry song, Roar, with his cousin on the guitar and four violinists. This received raptuous applause from the press and fans in the audience.