Emmy represented Armenia in 2011 with the song 'Boom Boom'
Emmy represented Armenia in 2011 with the song 'Boom Boom' Photo: EBU

Emmy enters the boxing ring for Armenia

Prior to her rehearsal, Emmy stated backstage that she dedicated her stage performance to her father, David Bejanyan, who had died in February at the age of 67. He was a famous sculptor. The Head of the Armenian Delegation, Gohar Gasparyan, added that the whole team would visit Cologne during their time in Germany commemorate him at a monument made by him.

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Emmy and her team haven't made big changes to the stage act compared to their first rehearsal. In the beginning of the performance, Emmy was seated within a huge boxing glove, wearing a red coat which she stripped off later on. Her four backing dancers created a "virtual" boxing ring with strings in the choreography, fitting the song lyrics of Boom Boom.

Why boxing?

"We have an Armenian boxer called Arthur Abraham, who's fighting for the World Champion title in USA on the same day as the Final. We're dedicating this song to him," explains Emy Zaryan, the choreographer of the entry. "I hope I'm going to be in the Final, so that I can dedicate the song to him. He's the strongest fighter, there's nothing he can't do, no choice!" Emmy says herself.

Emy Zaryan has earlier been a dancer with Greece in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, with the Belarusian team in 2008, and choreographed the Greek entry in 2010. This time, she for the first time works with the country of her roots. Despite living in Greece, she hails from Armenia. "I know Eurovision, I love it!" she exclaims.

Emmy added that she didn't consider either the song or the stage performance as aggressive. "It's a very positive song, it's about sports, not about fighting," she added. Boom Boom is the first ever Eurovision Song Contest entry that features boxing in its stage act.

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The Head of Delegation started the press conference by stating the whole team was very happy with the second rehearsal. Emmy described her song Boom Boom saying: "The song is me: Positive, full of energy and love." 

Emmy went on to explain that she was actually sick: her nose had started bleeding during the rehearsal, and she had also had a wisdom tooth removed. Regarding the stage background scenery, Gohar Gasparyan stated that the delegation was expecting the LED graphics to be changed, with explosions being displayed instead of blue stars. 

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