Emmy (Armenia) 2nd press conference

“The song has lots of positive energy – it reflects my life, my love, it expresses everything that I love doing,” says a cheerful Emmy. Judging by the expression on the team’s faces, she’s speaking for all of them. Alluding to the boxing theme of the song, stars light up on the LED screen behind the singer and dancers. Delegation Head Gohar Gasparyan mentions that, together with the EBU team, they will guarantee a strong, powerful background.

Asked if she feels a lot of pressure, Emmy agrees strongly. “Armenia has presented itself with many good songs by good singers in the past.” She wants to live up to that. “We have many big communities around the world and I hope they vote for and support us.”

She can almost certainly count on votes coming from Cologne, because her father worked for the Armenian Church there. Unfortunately, he passed away last month. But Emmy recovered from this blow quite well, as she says: “I didn’t believe I could handle this. But now I’m here and I feel his presence.” There is a pause. Delegation Head Gohar Gasparyan continues: “Emmy’s father will be her angel and will support her. He wanted to see her on stage.”

After that, Emmy collects herself quite quickly and jokes about being wiser after the second rehearsal. “That’s because my wisdom tooth was extracted only today,” she explains.

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