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Emmy (Armenia) 1st Press Conference

01 May 2011 at 18:23 CEST

Emmy and her team are thrilled to perform in Düsseldorf for a number of reasons. “The stage is gorgeous, the sound is great. My heart did indeed go Boom Boom when I went on,” she admits happily. “We have come here to be part of a wonderful Eurovision Song Contest, for peace and friendship.” Even though the male dancers hail from Greece and choreographer Emy Zaryan lives there, she makes a clear point by saying “it has always been my dream to perform for Armenia and to be on stage for my country.”

Singer Emmy was born into a family of artists. Her father is a sculptor and piano player, her mother performed as an acclaimed jazz singer in the former USSR. “I grew up with the arts. My parents recommended me to do what I love, which was not to become a sculptor or a painter, but a singer.” Which is what she has been since she was eight years old.

The catchy song alludes to boxing. “And this ring mood is also about fighting in love,” says Emy Zaryan, who’s behind the idea of having the dancers create a ring framed by elastic bands. The Armenian entry has received support from the former IBF world middleweight champion Arthur Abraham. Born in Armenia and living in Germany, Abraham is a professional boxer who successfully defended his title ten times between 2005 and 2009. He resides in Berlin, where one half of the song’s video was shot, the other half was made in Armenia. “Just like we want to, Arthur is also fighting on May 14th. He’s boxing against Andre Ward in the US, so we want to inspire him with our song,” Emmy explains.

The Armenian entry wants to be a winner: “A good performance is what counts, with a catchy song and a good choreo. And fourth place would be good,” says Emmy.

Let’s get ready to rumble!