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Emmelie to sing #JoinUs song with finalists

This year all the finalists of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest will be joined in song, when they take to the stage with last year’s winner Emmelie de Forest to sing her self-penned number Rainmaker on the 10th of May.

”From the beginning I had a vision of all the artists coming together on stage for a sing-along during the final”, explains Head of Show Jan Lagermand Lundme.

Premier at Malta’s National Final

Emmelie de Forest has written Rainmaker together with composers Jakob Schack Glæsner and Fredrik Sonefors. She and Glæsner are also a couple.

”A few months ago we asked Emmelie to write the official #JoinUs song, and we are very grateful that she accepted”, says Jan Lagermand Lundme.

The song will be officially released on the 24th February as a follow-up single to Emmelie’s current hit, Hunter & Prey. She will present it live at Malta’s National Final on the 8th of February.

Sing-along before decision time

On Saturday the 10th of May, Emmelie and the 26 participants who have made it to the final will sing the song together just as the voting is nearing its finish and the show culminates.

”All the finalists will come in and sing-a-long to the chorus at the end”, explains Jan Lagermand Lundme. ”I hope the viewers will sit back with a feeling that it is a fantastic way to come together, just before we get down to the nitty-gritty: finding the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song contest”.

Watch the interview with Emmelie de Forest and listen to a preview of the song here:

Not the first Eurovision sing-along

Bringing all the artists back on stage to perform together is a rarity in the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, but by no means unique.

In Jerusalem in 1999 after Charlotte Nilsson had performed the reprise of her winning song Take Me To Your Heaven, all the artists were invited up on stage to sing the 1979 winning song for Israel Halleluja together, in dedication to all those in Kosovo during the conflict that year.