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Emmelie de Forest to fly the Danish flag in Malmö

26 January 2013 at 23:41 CET

Here in Herning the atmosphere was electric, ten excellent songs gave it their all, but only one of these could be declared the winner of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013 and as a result Denmark's representative for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö on the 14th of May. 

The Danish people and the much decorated professional jury decided that Emmelie de Forest should be bestowed this honour with the song Only Teardrops

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The results

After all ten acts were performed, three of them went through to a so-called Super Final round, and got to perform again. These were Simone, Emmelie de Forest and Mohammed. 

After this a second round of voting took place with the following results (winner in bold):

  • 1st - Emmelie - Only Teardrops (26 points)
  • 2nd - Unbreakable (19 points)
  • 3rd - Simone - Stay Awake (15 points)

A show to remember

During tonight's show the team were in place to offer the best and most up-close coverage of this, Denmark's most popular television event. The show lived up to all expectations and was a constant barage of excitement, glitz and glamour. 

Opening the show was a children's choir performing the theme tune of the Eurovision Song Contest, the much loved Te Deum, in a newly adapted version. 

When the ten acts had been performed, we were treated to performances by none other than Eurovision Song Contest legends Brotherhood of Man, who won the contest for the United Kingdom in 1976; Johnny Logan, who won for Ireland in 1980, 1987 and 1992; and The Herreys who won for Sweden in 1984.


Performing the reprise of "Only Teardrops". Photo: Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Last year's Danish representative, Soluna Samay, also took to the stage in a guest appearance performing the song Humble, which is a far cry from her Eurovision Song Contest entry, Should've Known Better that finished 23rd in the Grand Final in Baku. Her performance included a new dress and a new and very impressive performance!

Of course the highlight of the evening was the voting where as mentioned above, ten songs became three and Emmelie de Forest was declared the winner. You could really feel the excitement in the hall!

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Who is Emmelie de Forest?

Emmelie hasn’t even turned 20 and has already been an active singer for ten years. She has for example sung in church choirs and Steve Cameron’s gospel choir, and since Emmelie turned 14 she has been singing with the Scottish musician Fraser Neill. Together the duo has played and been singing for four years at various festivals, music venues and culture houses and Emmelie therefore has a lot of experience in her musical rucksack.

”When I turned 18 I packed up all my things and moved from Mariager in Northern Jutland to Copenhagen, where I was admitted to Katrine Sadlin’s ”Complete Vocal Institute” for singers.There I could sing uninterrupted and learnt a lot. During the last year I have worked, travelled, recorded, written loads of lyrics and played the guitar”, explains Emmielie.

Only Teardrops is a song that Emmelie has worked intensively with for a long time, and describes performing it as ”giving something back”.  

Only Teardrops has a really good melody and a good tempo. It also gives you something to think about; how we treat each other and the world. It is melancholic, but also gives hope for the future”, says Emmelie.

Denmark will participate in the first Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmö, Sweden on the 14th of May.