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Emmelie de Forest’s new album “a dream come true”

16 April 2013 at 12:18 CEST

The album, which is named after the Danish entry Only Teardrops will first be released in Denmark and subsequently in the rest of Europe after this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Part of the songwriting process 

Emmelie has written the album herself in cooperation with some of Denmark’s most talented songwriters, who of course include the team behind Only Teardrops; Lise cable, Julia Fabrin and Thomas Stengaard.

In addition to this, Emmelie has written songs together with the likes of Marcus Winther-John, Jakob Schack Glæsner, Frederik Taae, Peter Bjørnskov and Lene Dissing.

Weird dreams

The songs are very personal and Emmelie has been inspired by her favourite books and films including Wuthering Heights and Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, as well as by her often weird dreams, which have inspired the songs Haunted Heart and Running In My Sleep.

“I’m happy that I have been so involved working on the album and have been able to put my own mark on it. It really feels like my own record”, Emmelie explains.

Only Teardrops in a new version 

The album is produced by Frederik Taae, Jakob Schack Glæsner, Peter Bjørnskov and Thomas Stengaard. Many of the songs have string arrangements recorded in Warsaw by the Polish Radio Orchestra, including a symphonic version of the Danish entry Only Teardrops

“This is a completely new version to what people know. I have also had to sing the song in a completely different way. It has been really good”, says Emmelie excited.

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A strong song, and not Royal blood will help to promote Emmelie

Emmelie and all of Denmark have a strong belief in the song Only Teardrops, which will take part in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in a few weeks time. As such, Emmelie’s family background and possible relationship to Queen Victoria of England will not be used to help promote her and her song in Malmö and the rest of Europe.

As there was great interest in the Danish media about this, DR decided to employ a genealogist to see if Emmelie’s family background could be confirmed.

Because there are illegitimate children involved, it was a challenging task but now DR has come to the conclusion that this specific part of Emmelie’s family background cannot be confirmed. 

Emmelie was brought up with the story that her paternal grandfather was the illegitimate child of King Edward the seventh and an Austrian princess, and as such made her the great grandchild of British Queen Victoria.

It came as a surprise to Emmelie that her family background could not be confirmed as it was always taken for granted.

“I am the person I am. It has always been a part of my family identity”, says the singer who has a Danish mother and a Swedish father,  “Now I just want to be able to concentrate on my song and the competition, which I am looking forward to participating in on the 14th of May in Malmö”. 

Luckily, the rest of Europe has solely been focused on Emmelie and her song Only Teardrops, which one of the most acclaimed of this year’s entries. 

Watch Denmark's entry below: