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Emmelie concentrates for Danish success

The Danish delegation arrived this afternoon at the Malmö Arena for their second round of rehearsals. Emmelie was very focused on her way to the stage along with the flute and the drums' players and her three backing singers.

Flash lights with the colours of the Danish flag will be given to the audience for the shows, we could see their effect already in today's rehearsal. Also for Denmark's show there's some confetti rain and the fire cascade.

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The beautiful Emmelie looks like an angel on stage with her cream coloured loose tank dress and an atmosphere of sunset surrounds the evocative performance of Only Teardrops.

The press conference

Questions about Emmelie being related to the British royal family were put during her press conference in Malmö today. She explained that it's not always easy to prove this kinship when the children are from out of the marriage but that genealogists have already proven it.

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Emmelie was also asked about the fact of being tipped as a favourite: "I take it as a compliment. It means that many fans and bookmakers liked our song, and that can only be a good thing! It mostly inspires me rather than terrifies me".

 It's natural for me to perform barefeet, it's not something I created especially for Eurovision

She then explained how she started singing in a gospel choir when she was 14 and that she's sung in several countries already.

The press conference concluded with Jacob, the flute player, teaching the attending press to play the theme of the song after they handed flutes for everybody. After this improvised music lesson, Emmelie and her group sang an a capella rendition of the Danish entry Only Teardrops.