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Emma’s glam rock performance for Italy

04 May 2014 at 15:13 CEST

In comparing with what we have seen in the last few years, this time the Eurovision entry from Italy is something completely different. Emma is know as an energetic performer, which means that we can expect much dynamic stage performance for Italy in the Grand Final of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

“We want a strong, powerful performance this time. Our team came up with the concept based on glam rock from the 70s combined with some futuristic elements”, Nicolo Cerioni who is in charge for the stage direction together with Leandro Emede explained.

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The costumes and outfits that Emma and her team will be wearing on stage druing the perfromance are hand made. TV viewers will notice another interesting combination of traditional and modern. This year’s representative from Italy is being followed by four musicians (two guitars, a keyboard player and drummer) in white outfits and with crownes on their heads

“There will be some elements that  will remind you on Roman empire, but also some modern ones. Emma’s performance needs to have some Italian touch”, Cerioni added, while we were hanging out with Italian delegation in the backstage.

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As soon as the stage performance starts, it looks like Emma is having a "live gig" with her band. Still, it all looks more glamourus than the performance in some club. Fleshing lights, an Tic-Tac-Toe images in the background and on the floor. Once in a while she moves and walks away from the band, falling on her knees and crawling.