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Malta: Emma Muscat encourages individuality in 'I Am What I Am'

07 May 2022 at 09:00 CEST
Malta's Emma Muscat - WIDE EBU / Corinne Cumming
Emma Muscat is an artist who has already achieved great success with her music in the country that is hosting her for the Eurovision Song Contest, Italy. Now the singer arrives in Turin with a new mission – to introduce herself to the wider Europe, and to promote self confidence within all of us.
Emma Muscat, Malta, Second Rehearsal EBU / Corinne Cumming

The PalaOlimpico isn’t the first stage in Italy that Emma Muscat has been tasked with commanding with her performance, with the Maltese artist being very familiar with the TV and festival circuit there since her breakthrough in Italy a few year’s back. But it will be the most international platform she’s been given so far, without a doubt. Emma’s first few rehearsals, however, have gone well for her, and she’s ready to embrace the Eurovision experience in full.

The first couple of goes, I was a little anxious, getting to know the stage and all that. But as soon as I was comfortable, I felt so at ease and in my element. I’m just so grateful to be here. It’s an amazing experience. The stage is absolutely incredible. It’s gonna be a great show. I’m really looking forward to it.

Despite still being in a relatively early period of her career, the stage is already somewhere that Emma feels comfortably at home on. And that’s a side of herself she’s looking forward to sharing with the viewers at home.

I’m really enjoying myself. When I perform, I’m like a different person. My true love for my music just comes out. And I think you can see that when I during my performance, too.

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Emma brings to the Eurovision Song Contest a tune called I Am What I Am; and anthem of self-affirmation and a statement of intent. One might wonder how Emma Muscat, who, from the outside looking in, might seem like a performer who has all the confidence in the world, could identify with such a song. But its message is deeply rooted in the artist’s own experience in life, particularly growing up.

When I first heard I Am What I Am, I felt it was quite an autobiographical song for me. I too have my insecurities; growing up I felt excluded by friendship groups, for example. I feel like this is something that helped me build my character though, and make me who I am today. So I hope that I Am What I Am can help people realise that they are good enough just as they are.

Emma Muscat from Malta getting ready for the first rehearsal EBU / Andres Putting

The song holds a message of support for anyone who has either been through similar experiences to Emma, or who finds themselves even occasionally plagued by self doubt – something she believes probably applies to all of us.

It’s talks about universal love – loving yourself and appreciating yourself. Sometimes we have to take a second, take a break and just remind ourselves that we are perfect the way we are, and that nobody else can tell us otherwise. And i felt that it was a very important message to bring to this contest. Because I feel like self love is something that maybe all of us slightly struggle with.

The idea of celebrating one’s own self doesn’t end with the song’s lyrics, however. It’s a message that Emma believes in so firmly, she’s gone and extended it into the outfit that she plans on wearing for her Eurovision performance of I Am What I Am. The dress will also serve as a reminder to remember who you are, and to lead from that in life.

My dress is made out of mirrors. Mirrors reflect each and every one of us, meaning that we all have our own personality, our own character. We are all unique.

Emma’s positivity towards promoting the individual is infectious, helped along by the hugely rousing and catchy song with which she competes at the Eurovision Song Contest. When asked about a positive change she’d like to see in the world, her answer, too, goes back to the outside influences that can derail one’s own journey of eliminating self-doubt – the words of others.

One thing I would change about the world is how so many people seem to judge others without knowing them. So when they pass nasty comments that can effect someone so badly, for example. Sometimes people have no filter and they think that just because they are hidden behind a screen that they can have the confidence to say anything they want. And sometimes people think that when they write messages or comments to public figures that they will never read them because they are too busy, but they never truly know…

Emma Muscat, Malta, Second Rehearsal EBU / Corinne Cumming

Emma has learned not to dwell too long on the negative, however. And when discussion turns to something more positive, she practically beams. Right now, the most uplifting thing for her is her current experience of competing in the Eurovision Song Contest for her country, Malta. And if she were to go all the way and win?…

I would probably burst out crying. I’m a really sensitive person, and winning would be such an incredible, unexplainable, emotion. I would freak out and scream and thank everyone.

To feel inspired by Emma Muscat’s performance of I Am What I Am, you can watch Malta compete in the Second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday 12 May.

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