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Emma: "I want to bring my music outside Italy"

09 May 2014 at 22:22 CEST

When arriving to the Press Conference room Emma introduced all the members of her team that accompanied her to the meeting with the media: "I feel like Rihanna!".

So what are the improvements that made her feel better? "For this rehearsal I thought of my fears and my insecurities, and the change is basically that I am what I am and I don't want to be someone else or change my personality". What does she think of her chances in the Final? "Anything can happen an I trust in miracles".

A journalist requested Emma to sing an Italian song that describes how she feels at this very moment about participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. She went on to sing her Sanremo winning entry in 2012, the big Italian hit Non E L'Inferno (It's Not Hell).

How important is to take part in Eurovision for Emma? "It's very important for myself, for my work, because I want to bring my music out of Italy and this is a perfect platform to begin with".

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She's also looking forward to start her new tour in a few weeks: "There's going to be a very big surprise for my fans in my tour. But I don't want to reveal anything, just come to the concerts!"

The responsibles for the stage performance of La Mia Città in Eurovision, Nicolo Cerioni and Leandro Emede, ended the press conference explaining how they decided to build this act: "We wanted to create a performance that was 360º about Emma and her amazing stage persona. We wanted it to be something epic and Italian, that's how the mixture of David Bowie and his glam rock with the Roman empire look came to live".