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Emma, a goddess on stage for Italy

06 May 2014 at 14:44 CEST

After her first rehearsal we talked about the glam rock atmosphere which surrounded this year's Italian entry, but it was today that Emma Marrone revealed her dress and, not only glam, but also a proper Italian look from the past as she wears a laurel wreath resembling those of Ancient Rome, which they also hope will bring success and victory.

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Emma looked stunning in the combination of styles in front of the while backdrop. In fact white and gold are the predominant colours in the staging of the Italian pop-rock song La Mia Città. A performance full of energy, as her own team told us: “we want a strong, powerful performance this time.

Our team came up with the concept based on glam rock from the 70s combined with some futuristic elements”, Nicolo Cerioni, who is in charge of the stage direction together with Leandro Emede, explained to us. The dress is a creation of Stefano Delellis

As you can see in her own intagram account, Emma has been very busy these days in Copenhagen and yesterday she gave a live gig at the Euroclub in VEGA.

Italy will perform in the second part of the Final

Emma Marrone gave some statement when she arrived in the press conference room: "I feel tired today and also the tension is rising, I'm getting a little nervous. It's hard work over here, so...I don't think I was at my best on the stage today, I'm honest: I can do it better".

Emma then drew the part of the show in which she will perform. And she got the second half: "It is the first lucky thing that I got today", she concluded.

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Italy participates in the Grand Final of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.