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Elnur & Samir continue promotion tour

16 April 2008 at 01:23 CEST

After their victory in the first ever Azeri national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, the winners, Elnur & Samir, started their international promotion activities right away. They visited Greece, Latvia and Ukraine, and as their abilities in performing traditional Mugham vocals from Azerbaijan yielded great reactions from the European press and public, they decided to add more of this special way of singing to their song. Last week, they finally took their time to further improve their song at the Modern World Studios in London.

A live orchestra was hired for that purpose, and it was especially important for the team to make the arrangement sound softer and more natural. That's why they decided to emphasize the sound of violins in the newly recorded version of the song. Having finished the work on the arrangement, Elnur and Samir returned to Kyiv, Ukraine, where they took singing classes and practised the stage performance for their song Day After Day, which will feature the dancers of the "A6" ballet. Elnur and Samir themselves will play the roles of an angel and the devil on stage, as shown in the official video clip of their song, too. 

Now that the work on the song and performance is finished, it's time for the two singers to resume their promotion tour and to check the reactions of the European public on the changed elements. The first stop of this part of their tour is Andorra, and visits to several more countries will follow.