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Elnur Huseynov "without words"

21 May 2015 at 22:00 CEST
Elnur being in love Serg Illin
Before his entrance on stage, Elnur Huseynov from Azerbaijan followed up our suggestion to answer some questions with only his facial expressions. Elnur has already once represented Azerbaijan in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest as part of the duo Elnur&Samir. This year, the solo singer brought his mystic ballad Hour Of The Wolf to Vienna. Tonight, the entrant will perform it for the whole Europe. In the meanwhile, look at his great artistic skills!

Tonight, Elnur Huseynov will perform his mystic and modern ballad Hour Of The Wolf for the whole Europe. Just one hour before going on stage, the singer showed his talent as an actor and answered our questions only with his facial expression. Elnur is just perfect at mimics and gestures!