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Ell/Nikki (Azerbaijan) 1st press conference

Despite early childhood and teenage success in various singing groups and vocal competitions, Nigar put her dream on hold to study economics and management at Baku Khayar University, marry her sweetheart, and give birth to two lovely daughters. But her passion was rekindled last autumn when she competed her way through a number of pre-selection shows to ultimately land in the final, making her eligible to represent her country.

Nikki’s musical partner Eldar had also long dreamed of competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. An honours graduate of a Baku music school, Eldar was awarded a scholarship to study vocals and acting in Germany as an exchange student. He then returned to Baku Slavic University, where he earned a degree in international relations and is currently pursuing his master’s degree. Last autumn he entered a national competition to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest and prevailed over 75 other competitors in seven pre-selection shows to join Nikki as the second national finalist.

Eldar explains what their song Running Scared is all about: “It’s the biggest part of my life. It’s about great love, trying not to lose the one you love – not to make them scared and run away.” Nikki adds: “It’s beautiful, sensitive, pure love. It’s a wonderful song.”

Although Eldar and Nikki are keen about their chances in the competition, they admit to being great fans of Germany’s Lena. Says Eldar: “She amazing, gorgeous, and very positive. I’m not personally in love with her, but I really love her positive energy. And she’s very nice… a dream.”

Between the two of them, Eldar and Nikki speak nearly a dozen languages, which they describe as “a hobby.” Perhaps we can look forward to multiple language versions of their song if they win!

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