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Elitsa & Stoyan to represent Bulgaria!

10 February 2013 at 15:51 CET

This year, the successful duo of Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov will get another chance to perform in the Eurovision Song Contest after they came fifth in the 2007 Final. The fact that this has been the best Bulgarian result to date was a key factor for BNT to internally select the musicians this year.

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Last year, a survey among Eurovision fans from all over Europe has been conducted to find out which kind of song was given the best chances to gain a good result. The outcome was that a dynamic song with ethnic elements was the most liked, with a combination of lyrics in Bulgarian and English. This was another argument in favour of Elitsa & Stoyan.

For the selection of the Eurovision song, Elitsa and Stoyan will have the opportunity to offer up to five songs complying with the rules of the contest. An expert committee at BNT will listen to the songs and select three of them. These songs will then be officially announced and shown live on the Nedelya х 3 programme on the 17th of February. After that, video clips of the songs will be produced and broadcast on BNT and on radio stations that are media partners of BNT.

The selected songs will be performed live in the Bulgarian national final on the 3rd of March, when the TV viewers, by means of SMS voting, and a five-member jury will choose the Eurovision entry in a joint 50/50 vote.

Elitsa: "Come to Bulgaria!"

Elitsa voiced her feelings about being interally selected to represent Bulgaria: "Come
to Bulgaria! I would like to thank Bulgarian National Television for the invitation and for believing in us. It is an honour for us to show the hard work we have done, our music and ideas at this prestigious European

"This is an excellent platform for us to work for the positive image of our country and to show the unity and hospitality of Bulgarians as a people who have an ancient culture, as well as our identity as a nation. I would like to thank our fans for their love and support. We will do our best to represent Bulgaria with dignity and to be remembered as warriors of our time with free spirits and extraordinary zest and ambition. Bulgarian music and our love of our roots and our folklore is the key to our success", Elitsa added.

Stoyan: "I cannot guarantee that we will win"

Stoyan Yankulov commented on their internal selection: "After our participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 I expected that sooner or later we will be invited again and so I was not surprised that
Bulgarian National Television invited us to represent our country. I would like to thank everybody for the interest in us, and I hope that we will represent Bulgaria with dignity."

Talking about his feelings and the overall expectations, Stoyan added: "It is not a question of my happiness about us again taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, this is a great responsibility for us. I cannot guarantee that we will win but we will do our best. I am hoping that everyone who believed that we should have won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 will once again back us."