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'Wake Up' is Eliot's song for Belgium in Tel Aviv

28 February 2019 at 08:45 CET
Eliot - Wake Up (Belgium)
Broadcaster RTBF has released Eliot's song for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest along with the accompanying music video. Eliot will perform 'Wake Up' for Belgium in the second half of the first Semi-Final on the 14th of May.

The 18-year-old Eliot has already performed on The Voice Belgique, one of Belgium's biggest music competitions. And in May, he will represent his country in Europe's biggest music competition in Tel Aviv.

About Wake Up

Wake Up is composed by Pierre Dumoulin. Pierre is the composer and leader of the Belgian group Roscoe and is one of the composers of Belgium’s 2017 Eurovision Song Contest entry City Lights, the song with which Blanche reached fourth place in the Grand Final in Kyiv.

About Eliot

The 18-year-old singer from Mons rose to national fame during The Voice Belgique last year. His journey started in early 2018 during his first blind audition at The Voice Belgique, where coach Slimane was impressed by the power, ease and sensitivity of Eliot’s performance. At one point he got noticed by Pierre Dumoulin: "The moment I saw Eliot’s blind audition, I felt he had that little something extra that I look for in an artist, the sensitivity and fragility which are so necessary to convey emotion."

Belgium in Eurovision 

Belgium is one of the founding countries of the Eurovision Song Contest and took second place at the inaugural contest back in 1956. It took until 1978 before Belgium reached second place again with Jean Vallée’s L’amour ça fair chanter la vie and until 1986 before Belgium won Eurovision for the first time with Sandra Kim’s J’aime la vie. She remains the youngest ever Eurovision Song Contest winner at the age of 12. Belgium’s entries have typically been sung in native French or Flemmish but have been sung in English since 2002, with only two exceptions – both of which were a made up language, first by Urban Trad in 2003 with Sanomi (coming second) and again with Ishtar’s O Julissi in 2008 but she finished 17th in that year's first Semi-Final.

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