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Elena: Balkan Queen on her throne!

08 May 2009 at 11:47 CEST

The stage set up has what first appears to be a large rock in the middle of the stage. In front of this, two of the four backing dancers are lying down and smoke is emerging from the floor. The dancers then get up, and the rock rotates around and is revealed to be a kind of throne which Elena is sitting on, with the other two dancers standing beside her. The girls have clearly been working hard on the routine and impressive choreography. The song is ended by Elena and the girls returning to the throne. The LED screens show images of trees in bloom.

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Head of Delegation Dan Manoliu opened the press conference by introducing all of the team, and stating that he was very satisfied with the rehearsal today, and feel ready to perform now. Elena has also taken part in the Romanian version of Dancing With The Stars, and she stated "I took part, for a charity act together with my colleague, we got third position. You can see some clips about that on YouTube. My favourite dance style is salsa, as in Romania I sing latino music and i'm in love with this style."


Elena sang a chorus from the Whitney Houston song One Moment In Time to close the press conference after a request from the press conference moderator who had researched that Elena had some history with the song.