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Elegant Elaiza on a colourful stage

04 May 2014 at 12:07 CEST
Elaiza performed 'Is It right' in Copenhagen in 2014 EBU

When we met Elaiza backstage before their first rehearsal, they were just getting ready for the soundcheck. "We've arrived by our own 'sprinter' band bus yesterday, which picked us up right at our homes", they told us. "Then we took the ferry, and in the afternoon we arrived here in Copenhagen."

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The three girls - Ela, Yvonne and Natalie - seemed quite relaxed. "They are never nervous. Usually Natalie is pretty cool before a performance, while Ela tends to be very focused. Yvonne sometimes is a little bit distracted - if suddenly one of them has disappeared five minutes before a performance, it's her", their manager, Jörg Koshorst, said, smiling. 

On the way to the arena, Natalie was carrying her double brass on her back, while Yvonne had a special wheeled case for her accordion. "Our instruments were one of the reasons why we didn't take the plane to Copenhagen - they don't like flying", Jörg explained.

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In their rehearsal, Yvonne, Natalie and Ela performed on a colourful stage, with pink and purple being the dominating colours. The band name, Elaiza, was displayed on the LED backdrop, along with purple tents, while the stage floor showed a chessboard.

The stage costumes all had flower patterns, with Ela wearing a black leather jacket and skirt, Yvonne a short dark blue dress, and Natalie a white blouse and trousers.

To underline the lively act, paper streamers were used during the last chorus, dropping onto the stage and covering the band members. It was a captivating performance with very convincing vocals. On Saturday evening, we shall find out if their act can pave the way for the next steps of Elaiza's success story.

After their rehearsal, Elaiza came back to us and recorded a short acoustic-accordion version of their Eurovision entry, Is It Right - you can watch it here:

In our full interview, they talk about their performance, their musical background, and their feelings when they won the German national final. Stay tuned with to watch the full interview in the upcoming days!

On today's backstage feature, you can already catch a glimpse of the interview:

Most notably, Ela tells us that she's bought the shoes she's wearing on stage in a second hand shop! Here you can see them:

Yesterday, the band arrived in Copenhagen by their very own band bus and the ferry: