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Elegance and energy for France

20 May 2012 at 15:58 CEST

Before her rehearsal, Anggun told us backstage that she hadn't been too happy with her first rehearsal yesterday: "It wasnt great. It was the first time we were doing this on stage, and it was filmed. Not only by the cameras but also by people with their mobile phones. We got a lot of comments about it, but I was like - Hey!! This is a rehearsal!"

She was more confident about her second rehearsal today: "We know the stage much better, so it should go way better today."

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In today's rehearsal, Anggun and her backing dancers showed a very much improved performance, which was captured well by the cameras. The choreography and the setting fit the uptempo pop song Echo (You And I) very well.

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Three dancers were on stage with her, with one of them performing a series of somersaults on the catwalk in the beginning of the song. Later on, the dancers stepped on three boxes, showing an artistic choreography on them. To top it off, they even lifted up Anggun, and one of the dancers then jumped over Anggun - a scene that was shown in slow motion on the screens.

The act, in which Anggun is also supported by two backing vocalists, looked and sounded great on the TV screens.